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Who are We?

Otaku ME is an online retailer of plastic model kits and hobby supplies that caters to customers throughout the United Arab Emirates. Our model kits are mainly from the Gundam manga/anime series but we also stock products from other franchises such as Star Wars, ONE PIECE, Pokemon, and Valvrave the Liberator. We are based in sunny Dubai.

How did this thing happen?

Otaku ME was started up by Qais Sedki, the Sheikh Zayed Book Award winning author of the Gold Ring Arabic manga series. Building Gundam plastic model kits has been a personal interest of Qais' since 2006 when he picked up a model kit on a trip to Japan. Since then, he's been hooked and started picking up a few kits with every new trip to Japan. As Qais got more interested in plastic modelling, espcially of Gundam kits, he wondered if others shared the passion and took quick steps to test the market for interest in a regional online retailer for these kits. Sure enough, there was quite an appetite for these kits and Otaku ME took off.

So what about the future?

We have a ton of great ideas for where we would like to take Otaku ME! We can't share them all just yet, but let us say that our short term plans are to establish ourselves within the United Arab Emirates and then move on to open up deliveries to other GCC countries. That is not where our ambitions end though, so look forward to some exciting news in the future!

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