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  • Couples supporting each other's hobby

  • Best gifts for Him or Her!

    The hobby of scale models is really fun, but it’s got even better by sharing it with the ones closest to you. It’s a great way to spend time together, assembling to even displaying these options listed below.

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  • Mini 4wd tricks and tips!

    There are many ways to generally improve your cars performance on the track.

    Here we'll be showing the differences between a standard Shadow Shark using the AR Chassis and one customized with add-on parts, and why these parts are necessary.

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  • Kits expected to be launched in 2018!

    There's a whole wide range of new kits that Bandai has announced that we simply can't wait for! Here's what we're looking out for the most :D Continue reading
  • Otaku ME Activities for 2018

    Hey there! Here's a quick and summarized highlight of Otaku ME activities for 2018! It's got some fun and exciting activities, and gimmicks suitable for people of all ages. Family, workmate and friends are welcomed to join, as we create great memories together. ^_^

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  • PG EXIA IS HERE! And more ...

    The starting wave of a whole new range of kits to look out to, we start the year off with the Perfect Grade Exia among other epic kits in this shipment including the RG Johnny Ridden's custom Zaku, with other classic HG Zaku variants from the Gundam Origin. Not to mention kits from everyone's childhood, Doraemon!

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  • Otaku ME Stories: Figure painting

    We believe that everyone has a story to tell about their introductions, or process into a hobby. A hobby is someone's freedom, anything goes...

    We recently interviewed Ms. Aneesha and her process through creating this fantastic model of her own character, Winona.

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  • Top model kits of 2017!

    Otaku ME figured its about time to show you what were our picks for the top 10 best kits of the year! Every one of these selections had an outstanding feature that brought it out from the rest of the bunch and here they are:

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  • Top 10 Kits for Him!

    You can never go wrong with buying MORE gundam kits for anyone, especially for him. Take a look at our top 10 kits for him that will surely bring a smile on his (or their) face before the year ends. Note: you don't need an occasion to get him any of these babies! ;)

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  • Top 10 Kits for Her!

    Hello there ladies! Worry no more! We've got you covered with the best top 10 recommendation from yours truly, that will surely bring you joy and fun. A great gift indeed to a friend, family or partner. ^_^

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