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  • OTAKU ME @ MEFCC 2019

    It’s perhaps one of the biggest shows in the GCC Region cultivating the Middle East’s love and appreciation of Pop Culture from Comics to Games to Movies and Anime/Manga.

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  • Get Ready To Race! - Otaku ME Mini4WD Grand Prix

    Tamiya's Mini4WD is a great hobby enjoyed in the hundreds if not Thousands of fans in the Middle East region for Nostalgia or the fast-paced and thrilling essence of Racing in a miniature scale

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  • Item of the Month - Gundam Astray Turn Red

    When it comes to Gundam hobby model kits, one of the more popular choices for fans in the Middle East is often is the 1/100 Master Grade line up for their scaled up size and build complexity.

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  • Upcoming Hobby Kits Of 2019

    Upcoming Hobby Kits Of 2019
    (First Quarter)

    It’s no secret that anime fans of the Middle East love their collectible hobby model kits, and 2019 brings a bunch of awesome new kits recently announced by Bandai that we here at Otaku ME look forward to having soon, including Gundam, Space Battleship Yamato, Full Metal Panic and more!

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  • Gunpla for Couples <3

    Whether you're shopping to spoil the people you love or want to spend on yourself this Valentine’s Day, Otaku ME carries an extensive list of hobby kits and supplies in Dubai that are perfect gifts for this month of hearts. Discover the joy of building together with our top favorite kits whether at our store or wherever you may be.

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  • Otaku ME Modelers Cup [2018]

    We have hosted many events over the years, but never quite something special like this before! We present

    The Otaku ME Modelers Cup!

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  • New Tamiya Mini 4WD Shipment

    A New Shipment arrived that includes Tamiya Racing T-Shirts, Mini4WD Sticker and Decal sheets, a replenishment of parts and some Brand New Mini4WD Car Kits to our collection! Not to mention a replenishment on several of your favourite kits and upgrade parts!

    A great start to the new year for the Mini4WD Racing Community

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  • Otaku ME Mini4wd Friday Fun Race

    Ever since we’ve moved into our new store, we wanted to expand on the services we can provide to the community.

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  • "PG RX 78-1 FULL ARMOR" By Nathaniel Barrera

    What happens when someone takes in the best of the GM Stormbringer and GM Turbulence?

    Did we mention it's in a 1/60 Large scale Perfect Grade ;)

    We present this week's feature on Nathaniel Barrera's PG RX-78-1 Full Armor,

    Champion on the Open Course Category for the Otaku ME Modelers Cup 2018!

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  • “Final Calibration" - Jupiter Ghost by Benjie Dacara

    The Jupiter Ghost was a concept design from the Gundam: Solomon Express, never actually made into model...until now.

    We present one of Benjie Dacara's Master piece works:

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