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  • Gunpla: Cleaning up nub marks

    Your Gundam model kits are meant to be cool, imposing and the main highlights of your displays when you've fully assembled them. Though that can be offset by some unsightly nub marks which may stick out around the vital areas of your kit....

    There's nothing in the hobby of Gunpla that can't be fixed. We'll show you a quick and easy way to clean and patch things up!

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  • Gunpla: How to pose your kits

    Most Gundam kits already look very striking, However with a little bit of flare on your posing, you can further enhance the way your kits stand out on your shelves! Continue reading

  • Budget Racing: Mini4WD for cheap!

    Whats more fun than racing your Mini4WD? Racing with friends! Here are a few budget options (both as a stock and modified set up) to get you on the track! Continue reading

  • Budget Gunpla: Under AED 100

    When it comes to Gunpla, or any hobby for that matter, generally there's a lot of things to invest upon. However that doesn't mean you can't have some starting grounds...

    That being said, We'll take a look here at some Budget Gunpla options to get your weekend busy. Continue reading

  • Eid Weekend Fun Race Event: Mini 4WD


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  • NEW SHIPMENT: Italeri and Zvezda

    Scale modelers! Glad to announce that we've extended our range of Tanks, Planes, Cars, Ships and we've even introduced some new line ups of Trucks and Submarines! These kits from Italeri and Zvezda are very similar to what you're used to (or even easier) and some kits are perfect for beginners to get into the hobby ^_^ There's certainly no shortage of options here! Continue reading
  • Tutorial: Types of weathering

    You may have built a few models by now, but whats the next step? If you want to make your models have more realistic effects... Weathering is the way to go Continue reading
  • Shipment: Classic Gundam kits and more!

    Another great shipment just came in from Bandai, covering a lot of the re-issued classic Gundam F90, Gundam F91 Silhouette and Gundam X Kits!

    These are very special ones considering you can get most 1/100 scale Gundam kits under AED 100, some are even under AED 70 :O

    In Addition to new kits entirely such as the Lancelot Conquista and Gurren Type II from Code Geass and the Swordfish II from Cowboy Bebop!

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  • Cobi Shipment

    Something for the kids or the kids at heart, Very easy to assemble and fun to collect!

    Today, we introduce a new range of awesome models from Cobi, a Polish manufacturer of interlocking brick and block kits that don't require any paint or glue, perfect enough to get anyone into the awesome world of scale models!

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  • More Tamiya Mini 4WD

    We've just recently had a massive shipment come in from Tamiya, bringing in some of the nostalgic loved classic ones such as several versions of the Magnum and Sonic variants, the ever so popular Brocken Gigant in addition to newer cars like the Rowdy Bull and so on..

    To help you set up your new car, we've even ordered in brand new tool sets and appliances to get you ready to race some of these awesome Mini4WD car kits!

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