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    A new wave of kits from Kotobukiya hits our shelves this month! We're so glad to add the new lineups of Frame Arms, Armored Core, MegaMan, Metal Gear and more! Not to mention an expansion of current stocks to Evangelion and Danboard

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  • Beginner's tools

    When building your model kits, using the right tools for the job can make all the difference between a fair look and an outstandingly great presentation. It's important to know what the basics are, so here's an essentials tool guide:

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  • March 2018 Shipment: Exclusive items!

    March goes out with a bang! ... Or a mountain of awesome kits just in time for April's MEFCC (Middle East Film and Comic Con)

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  • A Guide to Gunpla Instruction Manuals

    Gunpla symbols on the instruction manual are surely quite intimidating but don't you worry! You don't need to know how to read Japanese to be able to understand these symbols, as each parts are well-detailed and accurately numbered according to the runner. Explained in the form of a pictograph that everyone, especially beginners will understand. For more information, check out our simple and informative guide on youtube to have a better understanding of a general gunpla instruction manual. ^_^

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    Comic Con is coming up soon and we can hardly wait for all the excitement! With many activities planned and lined up, here's a few things you can expect over the 3 day event.

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  • Understanding Gunpla kits grade and scale

    Bandai, the Manufacturer of Gundam plastic model kits (Gunpla) introduced the concept of "Grades" to their kits to label each one in terms of quality and difficultly level to be exptected. Each Grade is unique in it's own way and we will start by highlighting the most popular grades and talking a bit about each...

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  • Otaku ME Stories: Mini 4WD

    The Tamiya Mini 4WD is a miniature car model that has become popular not just for young kids, but for adults as well.

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  • Airbrush 101

    When painting a model kit there are several options you can choose from and one of it is airbrushing.

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  • February's shipment! New kits!

    A wave of New and Epic kits joins our lineup, from the Jeagers of Pacific Rim Uprising to the SD Sangokuden kits and the upgraded versions of both the Unicorn and Banshee Gundams plus more!

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  • Couples supporting each other's hobby

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