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Ebbro Plastic Scale Model Kits

All About Ebbro Scale Models

To add on our scale model collection, we recently introduced a new brand into our range of scale models from the manufacturers Ebbro.


Brief History:

Ebbro was founded in the 1990s by Makoto Kiya, the chief designer at Tamiya from 1968. So if you’ve ever built a Tamiya car model kit before, then building one from Ebbro should feel pretty familiar however the experience in general is distinct.

The Plastic Scale Model Kits:


The Ebbro plastic model cars in particular were also quite distinct and unique as they are the kind of models you wouldn’t usually see or hear about in real life or in popular media. Ebbro distinguishes itself by choosing to model cars such as the odd Renault 4L or Citroen 2CV Pickup.

What are the Model kits like?

Upon opening the box, the exquisite detailing of the parts immediately catches your attention.

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During the assembly process, you will also notice the different functionality that parts offer.

Gimmicks that include opening hoods, doors, even the trunk. One of the models, the “Crepe Mobile” can even be opened from the side to reveal a counter just like a real food truck.

The plastic kits come complete with a sheet of water-slide decals and photo-etched metal parts to add to the realism.


They still require painting and you will need plastic cement to put the parts together. However the building instructions are very clear, straightforward and easy to follow which allows everyone from all skill levels can try their hand in putting one of these beautiful kits together.


Remember that being patient with your build is one of the most important parts of building a scale model!

The Ebbro brand might not be well known among modelers yet, but it’s definitely starting to make a name for itself. With its high levels of detailing and functional design, it’s definitely both a treat and a challenge for any scale model enthusiast.

Though our explanations alone aren't enough to fully grasp the quality of these kits, You're always welcome to check out the model kit and it's exquisitely detailed parts in person!

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