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Master Grade or Ver. Ka?

It's no secret that Gunpla fans of the UAE and the Middle East love their model kit displays to be big and extravagant with the majority of modelers and fans favoring the 1/100 Master Grade line.

A question that we often hear is, what are the differences between a Master Grade Gundam kit and Master Grade"Ver. Ka"?


We're here to explain that!

Gunpla Master Grade:

These kits are very Anime Accurate and come in a large 1/100 scale size (with an average of 22 cm in height) and excel in levels of detail, articulation and build complexity with a challenging build that rewards modelers with a satisfying display as a reward and achievement for completing the kit.

It's common for Master Grade kits to incorporate an inner skeletal frame, sometimes featuring interesting gimmicks such as working pistons and hydraulics.

A 1/100 scaled pilot figure to give a sense of perspective and size of the Mobile Suit.

7 Master Grade Ver Ka.


Ver Ka. (Kah, or Kay-ay) known for its iconic white boxes and bold Gundam image, is a reference to the Mecha/Mobile suit designer Hajime Katoki.

Untitled-1 Untitled-12

These model kit versions feature in more mechanical details and stylized proportions compared to their regular counterparts.

5 2

Ver Ka kits are also notable for being re-designed with additional bits and pieces around key places that enhance the build's visual appeal.


And occasionally includes in extra water slide detailing decals!


While they are not necessarily more complicated to build than regular Master Grades, they often employee in more parts to the build due to the styling.

Any kit you lead you to a pleasing experience building! Don't miss a chance to grab your favorite Gundam model and more from us at Otaku ME!

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