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Otaku ME Mini 4WD Grand Prix 2019 – Stage Five Review

As the Otaku ME Mini 4WD Grand Prix nears its ending stages, the challenge, and heat for the competition grows steadily along with the Popularity of racing Tamiya Mini 4WD in the region, with many participants taking on the chance to represent the UAE as a champion during the Japan world finals.

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Here were the main highlights of Stage Five:

Stage Five, aptly named "Turbulence" for its unique course layout which was designed to shake cars to their limits of stability featuring a variety of new challenges that closely imitates the expectations at the Japan World Finals, giving participants an opportunity for skill development to prepare themselves..


This unique track pushed racers to focus on a setup balance between weights (mass dampers) and speed (that could be controlled using different motors and brake pads).

The course featured obstacles such as:

  • The "Table Top"- A lifted portion of the course situated on a large block that caused cars to fly off if they entered the steep ramp too fast.
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  • The "Table Top"“40 degrees bank”- A banked turn meant to slow down cars due to its steep rising angle.
  • 69022890_2174772179298175_6725724425380954112_o

  • “Drop Jump”- A sudden drop or level change that destabilizes or occasionally flip cars out.
  • 69090852_2174772099298183_268197514811801600_o

  • The Balancing Straight - a widened lane that prompted cars to slip and slide if they were not balanced and straightly alligned when entering the obstacle.
  • 69256977_2174772062631520_7759895912524021760_o

    Every car was carefully checked for compliance for Tamiya and Otaku ME Grand Prix rules.

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    Stage 5 had an excellent turnout of participants with over 120 registered modified/upgraded Mini 4WD cars!

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    This stage also brought in a boost to the number of spectators!


    Having an Otaku ME store branch at the Times Square Center, Dubai definitely added to the crowd as guests were curious to see how these Mini 4WD cars can maneuver such a tricky track.

    Winners of the Otaku ME Mini 4WD Grand Prix 2019: Stage Five:

    Champion & Second Runner up: Carlo Nogoy


    In an interesting turn of events, The Stage 5 Champion, Carlo Nogoy bagged not only a spot for the upcoming championship race but the second runner-up spot as well.

    As every racer can register up to three cars, two of his cars actually went up to the podium, showing his skills in tuning Mini 4WD cars stayed consistent throughout the race.

    First Runner up: Clerando "JC" Torres


    Our runner up, JC Torres hasn’t had the chance of joining the previous stages of the Otaku ME Mini 4WD Grand Prix but showed that he belongs to the top by taking the first runner up spot. He now joins the other placers in waiting for the Ultimate Final Race.

    While waiting for the final and the Sixth Stage of the Otaku ME Mini 4WD Grand Prix 2019, Everyone is welcome to get some practice rounds over at our in-store race track!

    You can easily find us over at Sunrise Building, Al Safa 2, Dubai, Just by the Noor Bank Metro Station.

    (Location Map:

    We also post regular updates on events and fun races over on our social media channels:

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