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Quick Tip: Using Pla Plates to cover gaps

Sometimes building a simple Gunpla kit can be rewarding on its own, though there are ways to improve the overall build!

For our example, we'll be looking at the 1/144 HGUC Hazel II Gundam 's backpack unit assembly


Here's a simple guide on using Plastic Styrene sheets (also commonly known as Pla Plate) to cover up hollow gaps between the parts.


Since we're using a smaller 1/144 scale Gundam kit, the thickness of our plates matter.

Plastic styrene sheets come in a variety of sizes, commonly ranging as thin as 0.1mm to 1.2mm thick for the purposes of fine scale modeling

They have multiple uses such as scratch building custom parts to repairing broken model kits and as diorama material

We'll be using a 0.3mm thick plate for this gap and a sharp hobby knife with a new blade for this demonstration.

Pro Tip: You do not have to cut through the plate.

Instead, it's better and easier to use the blade to first score a line, twist, and neatly snap the piece off.

Hazel3 hazel4 hazel5

You can use a pair of Tweezers to hold your plate and slide it neatly into position.

hazel6 hazel7

A similar method can also be used to touch up pieces and gaps throughout the body where necessary on your Gunpla model kit


We hope this quick tutorial has inspired you to try these simple modifications to improve the kit's appearance and style!

Of course, many Gunpla model kits and hobby supplies including these plastic plates and tools can also be picked up from Otaku ME!

You can find our main store at Sunrise Building Showroom, Al Safa 2, Dubai just by Noor bank Metro Station.

Here's a location map for your reference:

You can also order online at Otaku ME for these exciting items, kits and more! Cash on delivery and Credit Card payments are accepted.

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